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General Instructions

1. The candidates are required to be present at the test venue at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled test time.

2. Candidates reporting late by more than 10 minutes from the scheduled time of examination will not be allowed to take the test.

3. On arrival at the designated test center on the test date, the test administrator would verify the identity proof of the candidate and then allow access to examination terminal.

4. There will be one coordinator on behalf of KBVTI at the Examination Centre. Disputes may be referred to him.

5. Candidates having identity mismatch or arriving late will be disallowed.

6. Only scheduled test candidates are allowed in the exam centre during the time slot allotted.

7. Books, periodicals, any written material, pager, cellular phone and laptops etc. are not allowed in the examination hall.

8. Personal belongings including mobile phones shall be kept outside the examination room at candidate‚Äôs own risk. The candidates are advised not to bring valuables and any other personal belongings of high value while coming for the tests and the test center shall not be responsible in case the item is/ are lost or a theft occurs of such items which are brought to the test centre.

9. Candidates are not allowed to access any unauthorized software/program during the examination.Candidates to maintain complete silence during the examination & communication in any form between candidates or with outsiders is not permitted.

10. Candidates are allowed to use only mouse during the examination.

11. Candidates should not attempt to download and/ or print the Question paper else it shall be treated as usage of unfair means.

12. Candidate should not impersonate others or allow others to impersonate him/her in the examination.

13. A candidate found using any unfair means including use of mobile phones or in possession of any incriminating material during the test shall be expelled from the examination hall and his/her test would be cancelled.

14. Candidates are not allowed to smoke or eat in the examination hall.

15. Rough sheet (if required) shall be provided to the candidates for carrying out rough workings during the test. This sheet needs to be returned to the test administrator before leaving the test venue.

16. With regard to conduct of examination, decision of test administrator shall be final and binding.

17. Failure by candidate to observe any of the instructions mentioned herein or use of any unfair means during the continuance of his / her test will render the candidate liable to disqualification from the test or other penalty as determined by KBVTI.

18. In case of system failure (machine / internet) the candidate will be allowed to reappear as soon as the problem is rectified. The time lapse happened due to this may be noted and if required by the Candidates such time extension may be allowed.

 I have read & understood all instructions.